May Day Landscape and Services offers delivery service or you can come in and we will load your truck or trailer with the highest quality materials for all your landscaping needs.

Delivery charges are based on distance from our location to yours.

Weather can greatly affect a dump site. If the ground is soft there is a greater potential for yard damage. There is also a risk of the delivery truck getting stuck. In this situation, a second dump site is required.

Things to consider when placing a delivery order

Be mindful of overhead power lines and low lying tree limbs. We need minimum of 20 feet overhead clearance for the dump body to rise up.

It is also important that the dump site be level. Delivery trucks need to stay as level as possible to prevent overturning.

Drivers are able to back through gated fences. However, the minimum width is 10 feet (backing straight, no maneuvering). If the driver needs turning room, the width needs to be wider than 10 feet. Also, the height of the fence needs to be no more than 5 ½ feet for truck mirror clearance.

Our drivers are very professional and experienced. They will try to get as close to your desired dump site as possible.