May Day Outdoor Services Inc.

Landscape FAQ

  1. How do you begin to design a plan for my landscaping?

We have experts on our staff that work with a client to determine what they have in mind for the undertaking. Depending on the anticipated size and complexity of the project, you could bring in a picture of the area to be developed, or for a larger sized development, we would do a detailed walk around of the area and discuss the possibilities with the customer. 

  1. Are the plants in the May Day Garden center indigenous to the north Florida area?

The plants we select for our retail and landscaping customers are plants that will perform well in the soil and climate of the Tallahassee Area. We secure our plants from our special vendors that specialize in plants that do best in North Florida. 

  1. How long will the project take to complete and how disruptive will it be?

There are many factors that will have an influence on how long the project will take from start to completion. Factors that have an impact are manmade and of course Mother Nature has a hand in it as well. Weather, complexity of the project, availability of products and plants. We do estimate time needed as close as possible to a completion date, and are generally able to come very close to meeting this goal.

  1. How much will the project cost and do you offer a payment plan?

When we estimate a project cost, we are generally pretty close to final price baring any modifications made during construction.  Since we carry both the hardscape material and the plants in house, we are able to control costs to a budget that was established at the planning stage. We do not offer financing but will assist to the degree possible with any bank or other loan financing you might need. Our payment requirements are 50% in advance of start of the project with the balance at time of project completion.

  1. Can you give me some referrals and some examples of jobs you have done?

We would be very pleased to give names and contacts of people that have used our services as references. As for pictures, we have many that show or projects both before and after. We also have a large hardscape and plant display on our property that allows you to get some idea of what you might like included in your project. We are very proud of the attention to detail and the quality of our workmanship in construction of our projects.